The mission of Ocean Partnership for Children (OPC) is to enhance the well-being of youth and their families through natural and community supports.

OPC Who we Help
OPC Who We Help

Who We Help

Youth up to 21 years old residing in Ocean County with complex behavioral health, mental health, substance use, intellectual, and developmental needs and their families.

We can help if your child is struggling with the following issues:

  • Argumentative, Aggressive and Angry
  • Disrespect and Property Damage
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Lying and Fighting
  • Stealing or Substance Use
  • Leaving Home without Permission and Missing
  • Self-harm
  • Avoiding School or Large Number of Absences
  • Isolating in Their Room
  • Not interested in Age-Appropriate Activities
  • Fixated on Technology

How to Get Help

Here are the 3 Essential Steps to getting started.

  1. Call PerformCare at 877-652-7624
    A Care Coordinator will ask you some basic questions to determine the best way to address your family’s needs.
  2. Complete a Needs Assessment
    PerformCare may contact a clinician to determine if you require care management services for your child.
  3. Referral to Care Management Services
    If your child needs intensive care coordination and support from a team of care managers and community partners, you will then be referred to us.

Exactly How Does This Work?

Important: You must be referred to Ocean Partnership for Children through PerformCare.

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Ocean Partnership for Children - How to get Help
OPC - Who We Are
OPC - Who We Are

Who We Are

Ocean Partnership for Children (OPC) is Ocean County’s Care Management Organization (CMO). OPC provides care management services to youth up to age 21 years old with complex behavioral health needs, using a wraparound model of care. OPC strives to keep children and adolescents at home, in school, and in the community by connecting them to resources that meet their unique needs. Services are provided at no cost to the youth and family.

Ocean Partnership for Children is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The agency’s care coordination services are available to all youth and families that live in Ocean County and meet the eligibility criteria of the New Jersey Children’s System of Care.

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Ocean Partnership for Children

Ocean Resource Net

OceanResourceNet is an on-line directory of Ocean County’s many valuable resources managed by Ocean Partnership for Children. It is available to everyone at no cost and provides information on everything from employment to support groups.

Visit Ocean Resource Net