Katie Colhoun serves as the Director of Community Resources and Advocacy at Ocean Partnership for Children and has been with the agency since 2007. Her responsibilities include developing relationships and Memorandums of Understanding with various professional and natural support providers, assisting staff with finding resources for the youth and families OPC serves, and advocating at all levels for needed resources. Recently, she has added responsibilities in marketing and website management, the latter both for the OPC and OceanResourceNet websites. Katie has her Master’s Degree in Social Work – International Community Development from Monmouth University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has over twenty years of experience in the nonprofit sector and has worked with Adolescent Psychiatric Community Homes both in Ocean County and New Zealand. Away from work, Katie loves spending time at the beach, enjoying nature, animals, live music, and traveling. Katie appreciates that OPC is open, innovative and flexible to find solutions that address the needs of the youth and families served, the community, and the systems within which the agency works.